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The RMC's territory contains a large number of governmental and non-governmental organizations. The RMC has both formal and informal partnerships with many of these organizations and these partnerships cover a range from very close to casual. Because these partnerships are so complex, we've attempted to bring some clarity to them here.

  • Elected Officials includes links to the websites of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, Orange County Board of Supervisors, California Assembly, California Senate, California Governor, U.S. House of Representatives, and U.S. Senate. These institutions all have significant funding, legislative and regulatory impacts on the RMC.

  • Cities contains links to the sixty-eight cities in the RMCs territory.The cities are critical partners to the RMC.

  • Others (all of the other partners) is a complex mix with whom the RMC has complex relations.
        The other partners consist of government agencies (federal, state, and local), coordinating organizations, businesses, and nonprofit organizations (national, state, and local).
        The relationships between the RMC and these other partners involve the RMC's mission and the partners' functions. The RMC's mission statement includes the categories of open space and habitat, water, and education. We assigned the following functions to the partners: regulators (includes only governmental organizations), funders (includes only funders of other organizations), planners (includes only planners for more than one community), operators (includes only operators of regional facilities), and stakeholders (includes only those which have none of the other functions)
        Given the above explanation, the other partners are listed in the following four pages:
    • Others is a simple list of all the other partners with links to their websites.
    • Open Space and Habitat is a subset of "Others." This table also shows the partners' functions.
    • Water is a subset of "Others." This table also shows the partners' functions.
    • Education is a subset of "Others."
We recognize that this attempt to clarify ther RMC's partnerships will likely be incomplete and may contain errors. Click on Contact Us to tell us about errors and corrections.

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