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      In 2003, the RMC, together with the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, Baldwin Hills Conservancy and Coastal Conservancy, formed a partnership with the University of Southern California’s Center for Sustainable Cities and GIS Research Laboratory. The goal of the partnership was to create a visionary plan and practical planning tools to promote habitat conservation, watershed health and recreational open space.
      The result is a website which offers information on the Green Vision Plan and its framework, collaborating partners and scientific team, and the Green Visions work program. In addition, you can download Green Visions Plan technical reports, and learn how to get involved in the Green Visions planning process. The following is a condensation of Green Visions' latest news; more details and links to reports are available on the website's home page, Green Visions Plan for 21st Century Southern California:

New Research: Hydrology and Water Quality Modeling of the Santa Monica Bay Watershed
      This new report provides estimates of stormwater flows into the Santa Monica Bay and geographically and temporally explicit estimates of several pollutants in those flows.

Access to Parks and Park Facilities in the Green Visions Plan Region
      Findings from the present report demonstrate that only 14.6% of the region’s population have pedestrian access to greenspaces (where pedestrian access is defined as living ¼ mile - or ½ mile round trip - to the nearest park), leaving 85.4% of the population without easy access to such resources.

New Watershed Assets Report
A Public Review Draft of a new report, Watershed Assets Assessment, is now available. This report is intended to support and inform regional wide planning efforts from the perspective of watershed health assessment.

Park Congestion and Strategies to Increase Equity
A Public Review Draft of a new report on inequities in urban park access in the Green Visions Plan study area, Park Congestion and Strategies to Increase Park Equity, is now available. The park service area analysis facilitates the identification of areas with greater park need and provides a pragmatic way to redress existing disparities in park access. 

Online Planning Toolkit is Live
      A set of online planning tools that allows users to access geographic information about habitat, watershed, and recreational assets and opportunities is now live.

Historical Ecology Study Describes San Gabriel River
      A collaborative group including the Southen California Coastal Water Research Project, CSU Northridge, San Francisco Estuary Institute, Los Angeles and San Gabriel Watershed Council, and GVP researchers has completed an extensive new study of the wetland and upland natural communities associated with the San Gabriel River across the coastal plain.

Room to Move, Room to Improve
      Many southland residents do not have easy access to recreational green space, according to a new Green Visions Plan study. The report is the first study to comprehensively assess parks and recreational open space assets in the Los Angeles region. More than 1,800 parks and other recreational open spaces were inventoried and assessed via Web sites, and of those, over 360 were audited through field visits.

Maps of Target Species Habitat Now Available
      GVP research previously identified 40 target species to aid in conservation planning for the region. The Conservation Biology Institute, working in conjunction with GVP researchers, has completed predictive habitat maps for these 40 terrestrial species and for 6 additional aquatic species. Overlays of these maps with a database of protected lands show what parts of the region have high density of target species but are not currently protected.

     The menu bar at the Green Visions website has links to the following pages:
About the Green Visions Plan
Data Sets
Plan Inventory
Advisory Committees
Looking Ahead
     The various geospatial datasets are available free of charge and can be downloaded. The On-Line Inventory of Southern California Plans includes information about habitat conservation plans, watershed and water quality plans, city and county general plan elements related to open space, circulation, and conservation, and local coastal plans. Inventory information can be accessed by plan type, function, and geographic area.
     In March 2010 we were advised that a new connection was established for the Green Visions Geoportal.  It is <http://geoportal.usc.edu/>

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