Lower Los Angeles River

Reconvening of the Working Group for the Lower LA River Revitalization Plan (LLARP)

Held on December 10, 2020, the reconvening provided updates about Lower LA River projects and provided the opportunity to share thoughts about ongoing and new efforts to improve the LLAR corridor and communities.

See Open House application created for the event!

This meeting was co-hosted by the Implementation Advisory Group for the Lower LA River, Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon (63rd District), the LA County Department of Public Works, and the San Gabriel and Lower Los Angeles Rivers and Mountains Conservancy.  More information on the LLARRP can be found at: http://www.lowerlariver.org/

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Lower LA River – Implementation Advisory Committee (IAG)

The Lower LA River Revitalization Plan (Plan) describes opportunities for improving the environment and life quality for residents, as well as ensures that the voice of the residents are heard as the river is reimagined and revitalized into an integral part of the community.  With the completion of the Lower Los Angeles River Revitalization Plan (LLARRP) in 2018, the IAG continues to meet for the following purpose and charge:

  • Provide a public venue for discussion of proposed projects/programs related to the Lower LA River;
  • Ensure proposed projects/programs are consistent with the goals and objectives of the Lower LA River Revitalization Plan; and
  • Maximize multi-use opportunities and community benefits by encouraging collaboration among the many project proponents and organizations in the project area.

    Lower LA River Revitalization Plan partners

    Plan’s Working Group Members

In its role as an advisory body, the IAG will provide guidance on issues presented before them, but ultimately, individual entities with jurisdiction along the river corridor including the LA County Flood Control District, the US Army Corps of Engineers, and the cities will continue to have decision-making authority.  The IAG aims to ensure that subsequently implemented projects are carried out in accordance with the LLARRP and that stakeholders continue to have a voice in implementation.  Project proponents interested in submitting their projects to the IAG can fill out the Project Review Package and send it to LowerLARiver@dpw.lacounty.gov for review.

The IAG members and committees work together to further define the roles and guidelines of the IAG in the upcoming months.  The IAG includes three committees:

  • Programs & Policies – Chair: Suely Saro, RMC;
  • Public Realm, Environment, Water, Infrastructure – Chair: Carlos Campero, Los Angeles Conservation Corps;
  • Public Advisory & Community Engagement – Chair: Laura Cortez, East Yard Communities For Environmental Justice

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There is a new committee meeting format where all three committees will be present

Steering and Committee meetings are held quarterly.  The Next Committee Meeting will be in March 2021.  Agendas, summaries, and other materials for previous IAG and Committee Meetings can be found here.

RMC encourages and schedules relevant project presentations and updates (as needed) by RMC grant applicants and grantees before the appropriate IAG committees to allow Lower LA River stakeholders the opportunity to provide feedback on projects.

All meeting materials and schedules will be posted on the Project website – www.LowerLARiver.org


Rio Hondo Confluence Area Project (RHCAP)

Project Overview:  The Rio Hondo Confluence Area Project, also known as RHCAP, was identified in the 2018 Lower Los Angeles River Revitalization Plan and is located at a key opportunity site along the Lower Los Angeles River. Conceptual development is exploring options to connect communities to the RHCAP and create a key gathering place for Southeast Los Angeles.  

Some of the various features being developed are:

  • Improved multiuse paths and connectivity 
  • Restored habitat and open spaces  
  • Cultural arts center with amphitheater 
  • Vegetated river terraces and modified low flow channel 
  • Multiuse bridge parks to connect communities  

For more information regarding project plans, please go to the project website here.