The San Gabriel and Lower Los Angele

The San Gabriel and Lower Los Angeles Rivers and Mountains Conservancy (RMC) was created by the California legislature in 1999. We’re one of ten conservancies within the California Resources Agency. Our mission is to preserve open space and habitat in order to provide for low-impact recreation and educational uses, wildlife habitat restoration and protection, and watershed improvements within our jurisdiction.

Our territory covers eastern Los Angeles County and western Orange County. This vast and varied area includes mountains, valleys, rivers, coastal plain, and coastline. A sense of the geographic variety can be seen in our photo tours.

Our governing board is comprised of 13 voting and 7 non-voting members who are appointed or are designated by virtue of the office they hold: local, state and federal. The Conservancy has no power of condemnation or authority over city zoning laws.

Parkway and Open Space Plan was written, as required by the Conservancy’s founding legislation. Subsequently, a number of additional, specialized plans have been created, some in partnership with other organizations

The Rivers and Mountains Conservancy is a member of four joint powers authorities. Click on the following links for information about those authorities and their meetings.