Board Meetings

Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron in LA River

The RMC Board normally meets on the third Monday of January, March, May, June, July, September, and November.

Due to concerns over the spread of the COVID-19 virus (coronavirus), RMC Board Meetings will be conducted via teleconference and also in-person when possible.

Meeting agenda will be posted here 10 days prior to the meeting. Detailed descriptions of individual agenda items will be posted shortly afterwards.

RMC’s Latest Board Meeting

The Latest RMC Board Meeting will be November 20, 2023, and will be held in-person and online – see link to latest Agenda and Meeting Materials.

2023 Board Meeting Calendar

*Dates subject to change

**Individuals wishing to offer public comment can fill out the online form for the official record and submit by noon on Board Meeting date by email to the RMC Board Secretary ( to be read by Chair during the meeting. Public comment can also be made by individuals during the meeting by virtual means or phone which will be noted in the meeting minutes for official record and will be allowed three (3) minutes to speak. Although not required, in order to facilitate an orderly remote meeting, it is helpful to let RMC staff know in advance if you would like to make a public comment at the meeting. Speaker time may be reduced depending on the number of speakers. Public comment will be limited to sixty (60) minutes.

RMC Board Meeting Archive

RMC's 2019 Urban River Revitalization Summit and 20 year Anniversary

RMC’s 2019 Urban River Revitalization Summit and 20 year Anniversary, with some Board Members and local leaders in attendance

Agendas and staff reports for past RMC meetings going back to 2017.  Please contact for information about any Board Report.

RMC Governing Board

The composition of the RMC Board is specified by California Public Resources Code, Section 32605. The Board consists of fifteen (15) voting members and nine (9) ex-officio, nonvoting members.

See a full list of RMC’s current Board Members here.